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Private Classes are $75 each ($350/5pack or $650/10pack)
Semi-Private Classes are $45 per person ($215/5pack or $400/10pack)
Group Classes are $27 per person ($125/5pack or $220/10pack)

Group class packages may be used for any class at Pilates Connection. Reformer and Tower classes are limited to 8 participants while Springboard, Chair, and Barre classes are limited to 5 participants. Classes are offered in Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Please call to book Private and/or Semi-Private Classes.


The reformer is the centerpiece of the Pilates apparatus regimen and is considered the "moving mat.” Its unique design brings an incredible dimension to the work and simultaneously supports the body while challenging the core strength and overall stabilization. All exercises in this dynamic workout are done with controlled, precise movements and follow a specific sequence building in mental and physical intensity as it progresses. There are endless variations and modifications of exercises to suit a wide range of levels from beginner to advanced. Every muscle in the body gets the benefit of connection and activation by the end of the session. Its impact on the body is phenomenal and there is no doubt that you will feel and look transformed from these reformer workouts! 

The tower blends the use of arm springs, leg springs, and various bars with mat work to deliver a very effective and satisfying workout. Exercises are choreographed specifically to lengthen and strength the muscles simultaneously.  Using the weight resistance of the various springs increases metabolism and muscle definition. It will leave your body more aligned, lengthened, strengthened, and certainly more powerful!

Unless a class is specifically designated as reformer or tower, classes may be fully on the reformer, fully on the tower, or time may be split between the two apparatus.



Building on the principles of Joseph Pilates, Pilates mat will focus on strengthening the core, or center of the body.  The exercises are designed to strengthen and elongate muscles, increase flexibility, correct postural alignment, and balance the body thus decreasing the likelihood of injury.  The exercises require mental focus along with muscular control and concentration on specific breathing patterns.  Mat classes will often be combined with use of the springboard or the chair.  Springboards work similarly to the tower using leg springs, arm springs, and bars to challenge the mat work.  It is a great way to take and apply what you have learned horizontally on the mat to a vertical position standing.  Classes that utilize the Wunda Chairs will be more intermediate/advanced level classes.  The Wunda Chairs are used applying all pilates principles to sequences of exercises that focus on balance, strength, concentration, centering, and stabilization.  With all of the use of these apparatus and also props such as magic circles, balls, bands, and weights, the options are endless and you’re guaranteed to have some fun!



Barre classes incorporate work drawn from both classical ballet and pilates matwork. The class is done both on the mat and standing at the barre with exercises set to fun and motivating music.  Resistance bands, hand held dumbbells, and balls may be used to increase the intensity of the workout.  This is a no impact workout that will lift and tighten the body where we need it most!  The high repetition small movements tone every muscle in the body and will give you a dancer’s poise and physique.  Because of the choreographed nature of the exercises your mind is sure to get a workout as well!  Barre classes may also incorporate use of the pilates springboards or chairs at times.

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