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Owner, Lead Pilates Instructor
Certified through Power Pilates since 2004
BFA Dance Performance, SUNY Purchase

Pilates has been a part of my life since I was 12 years old.  I had the unique opportunity of training on a Pilates reformer and studying the technique while attending a pre-professional ballet program.  From that young age and throughout my adult professional dance career I experienced the difference Pilates made in my overall ability to connect to and create balance in my body.  After my professional dance career came to a halt due to arthritis, it was a natural transition to begin a career sharing all I had learned over the years and helping others connect to their bodies through the systematic training of classical pilates. I got my certification through Power Pilates and began teaching in 2004.  I had my own business in New York for 10 years, moved to Colorado and had the honor of initiating and managing a successful Pilates program at the Fort Collins Country Club since 2014. Now in 2021, it is with great humility and excitement that the opportunity has been given to me to open up Pilates Connection here in Fort Collins. It has been a joy over the years witnessing how "pilates works" for so many different people.  From young aspiring athletes to clients in their 80's, seeing clients through pregnancies, helping rehabilitate clients post spinal, knee, and hip surgeries, seeing clients improve their overall health and physique, I have seen how pilates can and has changed lives!  It is truly a gift to connect with others through sharing this special practice!



Pilates Instructor
Certified through Pilates Sports Center since 2017

I began my Pilates practice as a teenager to cross train for ballet after suffering a host of injuries. I was immediately attracted to Pilates as a dancer because of the deep mind-body connection and the relief from the aches and pains caused by dancing. I received my teaching certification through the Pilates Sports Center while also completing a B.S. in Psychology at CSU.

I have since developed an even deeper love for Pilates after seeing the improvements in my clients lives both mentally and physically, as well as the friendships they develop in class. I enjoy teaching dancers and athletes because of my own athletic background, and since being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis I have also developed an even deeper appreciation for teaching clients recovering from injuries and illnesses. Pilates is a wonderful method to help people bring awareness to their bodies and stay active!



Pilates Instructor
Certified through Pilates Sports Center since 2018

Since my youth, I have been captivated by our ability to promote health and wellness within our own bodies.  As a young adult, I earned a bachelors of science in human nutrition, and many years later began my fascination with Pilates, intrigued by connecting mind and body through movement.  My first Pilates reformer session left me feeling revitalized and energized, yet my body was thoroughly challenged from head to toe.  As I became more consistent with my Pilates practice, my core strengthened, my flexibility increased and I felt more connected with my body.

In 2018, I sought out a Pilates instructor training program and became certified through the Pilates Sports Center with Lee Cooper.  I am passionate about helping clients connect mind and body, find more mobility and strength, and cultivate more freedom in movement.



Barre Instructor
Certified through Barre Forte since 2020
Group Fitness, American Council on Exercise 2021
Barre Above Pilates Instructor 2022

I discovered Barre in 2018 and was instantly drawn to its powerful combination of strength and grace.  As a health scientist, I see Barre as an opportunity to build holistic well-being across the lifespan by deepening the mind-body connection and centering whole body function. In 2020, I took my passion for Barre to the next level when I completed my Instructor Certification training through Barre Forte and began teaching classes. The community created through Barre—combined with witnessing powerful transformations—led me to then pursue my Group Fitness Instructor (GFI) Certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in 2021. I see Barre and Pilates as natural complements to one another, as they reinforce and expand what is possible in our health, fitness, and mind-body goals. In 2022, I completed my Barre Above Pilates Instructor Certification to further promote cross-modality classes that are fun, dynamic, and effective. I believe Barre is for everybody, and every body, and my classes represent safe, inclusive spaces where each person can meet their best self – at the barre and on the street. It is an honor to support clients in their well-being journey!



Pilates Instructor
Comprehensive Pilates Certified through the Pilates Instructor Academy, Kansas City KS since 2018

I am a Colorado native, living in the mountains and on the Front Range. Growing up in the mountains gave me the opportunity to spend lots of time on the ski hill, my favorite place.  I have been in the health & fitness industry for over 25 years, through massage and teaching many different modalities of group fitness. I fell in love with equipment pilates post surgery because of the strength I regained in the pilates studio. After my success with recovery I realized I had to become certified and help others to become stronger, improve balance & flexibility through pilates training. As a pilates instructor my goal is to provide challenging & fun sessions for our clients here at Pilates Connection. 



Pilates Instructor
Certified through Power Pilates

Hope is a passionate Pilates teacher! She combines a wealth of experience and compassion to encourage her students to discover a Powerhouse Lifestyle.  Hope holds a Master’s degree in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University (Go Rams!) as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.  She has been involved in sports, health and fitness for over 20 years.  As a Professional Figure Skater, Hope toured the world with “Holiday On Ice”. Through coaching athletes of all ages and abilities both on and off the ice, she has observed human movement and most importantly, learned how to teach effective, efficient, functional movement.  As a nurse, she cares for people on the medical/surgical floor and focuses on promoting preventative health practices when caring for people out in the world!
Hope enjoys working with a diversity of individuals including those with various body and health challenges including joint replacements, scoliosis, osteoporosis, and autoimmune diseases to name a few.  One of the beauties of the Pilates method of exercise is that, truly, everyone can do it!  The repertoire includes hundreds of exercises with modifications allowing it to safely challenge the most seasoned athlete to those dealing with health challenges.
Hope is a Power Pilates, NY comprehensively trained teacher and Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (Pilates Method Alliance).  She welcomes the opportunity to open a whole new world of health and fitness to her clients!



Pilates Instructor
Certified through Body Arts and Science International

I’ve been passionate about teaching Pilates ever since I was introduced to this wonderful method of body conditioning, after an injury from a fall practicing ballet. I started dancing as soon as I could stand on my feet, and then studied various styles of movement that included ballet, jazz, tap, bachata, salsa and acrobatics. I received my certification from Body Arts & Science International, or BASI and worked with world renowned educators, Rael Isacowitz and Kristi Cooper who started Pilates Anytime. BASI represents the art and science of human movement and innovation and strives to provide the most comprehensive Pilates education. 

Through the years I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to set up a Pilates studio in several physical therapy clinics and worked closely with the physical therapists to help educate and rehabilitate the patients. I’ve worked with people of all ages, from 8 to 94, designing exercise programs for all patients with a variety of different diagnoses that included neurologic, orthopedic, arthritic, post surgical cases, pelvic floor issues, pre and post pregnancy, and general strengthening, balance and flexibility training. Pilates teaches proper form and a breathing technique that is essential to building a strong core, increasing overall strength and flexibility while avoiding injuries. I have also worked in several upscale athletic clubs and PIlates studios throughout the last 30 years and am highly knowledgeable in the anatomy of the human body. 


I feel that choreographing a good Pilates routine is comparable to executing a great dance and should flow from one movement into another, while maintaining safe and proper form and most importantly, having Fun doing it! As a bodyworker and healer, I absolutely Love helping people feel better in their body and find it so rewarding to see others achieve a pain free life with increased mobility, calmer mind and spirit and a happy heart! I feel very fortunate and grateful to have helped so many people live a healthier and active lifestyle! 

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